Operational Management Advisory Services

As operations become more branched and supply chains more complex, businesses have to become more cost efficient and effective at distributing what their customers need.

In today’s fast growing environment, it is operationally efficient companies that win in marketplace. Efficient structured, well-functioning, agile and fast delivering operational systems are crucial for success.

Customer demand for product innovation force to change traditional models of companies’ operations. Leading companies grasp collaboration, seek integration and enhance capabilities.

Operational efficiency

Companies are always striving to enhance their management, operations and product quality. Our team has experience providing consulting services to improve operational efficiency based on workable tools and methodologies.

We can help with:

  • improvements to our Clients corporate governance
  • implementing tools to enable fast decision-making
  • architecting optimal operational models, which improve decision-making process and form competitive advantage
  • reengineering of business processes
  • post-merger integration
  • simulation modelling of your operational system for analysis and improvement
  • implementing performance management systems

Supply Chain management

The optimal use of working capital depends on structuring efficient logistic system with supply chain management. For that reason, supply chain optimization is a priority task to improve profitability and cost reduction.

We can help with:

  • supply chain diagnostics & benchmarking
  • development of supply chain management strategy
  • sales and distribution optimization
  • simulate the warehouses workflow process
  • supply chain planning optimization
  • logistics pricing and tariffs planning

We support our clients developing strategies with insight into global economic environment, factor cost, and industry sector developments.