Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Our professionals solve complex tasks in valuation, financial modelling, transaction advisory and other fields of corporate finance.

We have comprehensive experience cooperating successfully with a wide array of companies, starting from SMEs to large enterprises and financial institutions. We have a solid experience of agreeing and defending our deliverables at any level – from auditors to government bodies. We are among the advisors who possess practical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the markets.

Valuation Services

The need for transparent and robust valuations to support corporate transactions, to meet regulatory and accounting requirements increasing year by year.

Our valuation team has weighty experience concerning assets (including tangible and intangible assets) and business valuation in different sectors of economy (e.g. mining, energy, water industry, agriculture, transportation, banking, food industry; etc.), both for local and international, for public and private, for big and small companies. Thus, the clients vary both in size and content and the company successfully meets the requirements.

Corporate finance transaction advisory

We help our clients to achieve the best value from a transaction by providing specialized deal and related services, including due diligence. Our aim is to add more to a transaction than pure financial due diligence by delivering additive services that help our clients achieve a competitive advantage.

Over the last five years, AMF Consulting Corporate Finance practice has provided objective and independent support for clients on nearly 50 M&A transactions.

Managing the complexity of transactions can be challenging for the corporations. We are supporting all phases of transactions—before, during, and after—to ensure deals are consistent with corporate culture and strategy, and achieve maximum value. We work closely with clients to build their capabilities to evaluate and manage transactions.

Financial Due Diligence

We provide both acquisition side and vendor financial due diligence. AMF Consulting provides due diligence services to both buyers (acquires) and sellers (vendors) with an independent view of the business, encompassing its performance and prospects.

Any organization considering a deal needs to check all the assumptions it is making about that deal. Financial due diligence provides confidence to both sides of transaction, by analysing and validating all the financial and commercial data, operational and strategic assumptions.

Our approach is to work closely alongside company management and their lead advisers throughout the process, strongly maintaining the impartiality of due diligence results and confidentiality of potential M&A.

Financial Modelling

A financial model serves as a very important decision-making tool in business and its development requires highly specialised skills, best practice and methodologies. A financial model lies at the heart of the decision making process in most business situations.

Our experience in financial modelling help our clients with investments, financial transactions, strategic planning and operational analysis. The multi professional blend of our team create for our clients’ insightful financial models, which add value to their projects' feasibility. It's why our clients become long-term partners, as together we build efficient and robust models.